PhD thesis supplementals

This page contains supplemental materials referenced in my PhD thesis. Note that this page will remain online indefinetely. The source code provided on this page will not be updated after submission of the final version of my thesis.

All projects can be built under Debian/GNU Linux by running './configure && make'. Shared libraries are installed to '/usr/local/lib' by running 'make install'. Note that some projects depend on others, e.g. libmoeprlnc depends on libmoepgf. The code is not tested under other operating systems, but libmoepgf, libmoeprlnc, and ralq should work with OSX, too.

Signatures can be verified using key B7C0 93EB A061 8CA2 4185 2ADC 5976 540B 01E6 96A4.

libmoep — packet injection library

libmoep80211-1.1.tar.xz SHA256: 12891a5f937a94b9f7394b26145e3d06db0dbebfa240a0fc92084d54068f8ca0
libmoep80211-1.1.tar.xz.sig SHA256: 1f2d5dd37a37f2601194b02912e96da976755175d39cb224d258191015caae58

libmoepgf — library for hardware efficient Galois field arithmetics

libmoepgf-1.1.tar.xz SHA256: bfd3d8ed4385a54d8540bc55682a808f464a578780a55437e32b17f5cc1950a5
libmoepgf-1.1.tar.xz.sig SHA256: c0f13592aa5f9e253a49d88426e93cd31cb7018dbf20f7f78a3b520f6f6f4a1d

libmoeprlnc — library for bidirectional network coding

libmoeprlnc-0.1.tar.xz SHA256: 2dc9b1d6392d54e04d56519bfd14b68015dbfe4349a1ff65f66d647f5790e4a2
libmoeprlnc-0.1.tar.xz.sig SHA256: c9c179b5d0c2a3ea8adb29a495a00af3bd64fb91fe13a65813f094266a73d98b

moepdefend — example tool based on libmoep

moepdefend-0.1.tar.xz sha256: f134d10d25bd08bd55b0109ccd2698ac8bc206317bfcb77f0616175638c6307c
moepdefend-0.1.tar.xz.sig sha256: 6df10966f8c89c3f2148152cd6f4a10cfc158d8b16d7869e2a97b6bb3722cd4e

ncm — network coding module based on libmoep

Not yet publicly available for download.

ralq — rate-adaptive link quality estimation

ralq-0.2.tar.xz SHA256:
ralq-0.2.tar.xz.sig SHA256: 6374032e4caf60ef849cf4bdac12b9b431a4154b87075a5e4b997f5a7b8c27aa